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Requirements for Practical Experience for Quantity Surveyors

    1.1 Cost advice and cost planning
    1. Preparing and using cost data
    2. Preparing estimates
    3. Undertaking financial feasibility and comparative design studies
    4. Preparing and using detailed budgets and cost plans, cost checking during design development; compiling and using cost limits
    5. Preparing and applying cost-in-use studies; life cycle costing
    6. Preparing and interpreting turnover/cash flow projections and profit/loss forecasts
    7. Cost control and reporting during pre-contract period
    8. Cost control and reporting during pre-contract period
    9. Appropriate fee scales and conditions of engagement
    1.2 Contract Documentation
    1. Preparing bills of quantities for main or sub-contracts or contracts of supply including the measurement and description of work, compiling of provisional sums, calculating of contingencies and escalation to be included in the tender document, drafting of preliminaries, preambles and contract conditions. The use of either manual or computer methods are acceptable
    2. Preparing specifications and/or schedules of rates
    3. Contractual correspondence
    4. All related activities with regard to contract documentation
    1.3. Tendering and contractual arrangements
    1. Preparing tenders including compilation of rates for work and preliminaries
    2. Formulating or implementing procedures on tendering and contractual arrangements for main or sub-contracts or contracts of supply
    3. Advising on selection of tenderers; evaluation of and reporting on tenders
    1.4. Contract Services The following are applicable to main or sub-contracts or contracts of supply
    1. Advising on cost during progress of works, estimating final costs and reporting on the financial effects
    2. Monitoring of proposed construction methods or sequences and reporting on actual requirements; preparing cost benefit reports on alternative construction methods
    3. Cost control during progress of the works
    4. Preparing valuations for interim certificates inclusive of escalation calculations
    5. Analysing contract prices relative to cost recording methods
    6. Preparing and agreeing final accounts and contract charges
    7. Reporting on, evaluating and negotiating contractual and extra-contractual issues; contract correspondence; attending site meetings
    8. Preparing or interpreting cost/value and other reconciliation statements for management purposes
    9. Surveying, measuring and recording site information
    10. Preparing bills of measurement for final accounts if measured from drawings
    1.5. Specialisations
    1. Taxation allowances and grants
    2. Planning or programming of contract works
    3. Resource determination, scheduling and purchasing
    4. Procurement of plant and materials
    5. Production cost/quality control, time standards and operational methods
    6. Productivity methods and evaluation
    7. Project planning and project management
    8. Insurance
    9. Litigation and arbitration
    10. Insolvency and liquidation
    11. Planned preventative maintenance
    12. Schedules of dilapidations
    13. Technical audits
    14. Office management including resource allocation, fees and budgets
    15. Maintenance of buildings
    16. Research and development
    17. Full time lecturing
    18. Any other relevant experience
    2.1 Civil engineering
    1. Major earthworks
    2. Roads and bridges
    3. Railways
    4. Tunnelling and shaft-sinking
    5. Major sewerage and water treatment facilities
    6. Dams
    7. Harbours
    8. Treatment of industrial effluent
    9. Major civil construction works associated with power generation and other process plants and works of a like nature
    10. Structural steelwork
    2.2 Mechanical engineering
    1. Process and manufacturing plants including pipe work, ducting, insulation, heavy Lifting gear, fire protection systems and the like
    2. Production platforms and the like for the oil and gas industry
    3. Pipelines for fluid and gas transmission
    4. Materials handling installations
    5. Ducting, plate work and associated plant for use in the chemical and mining industries
    6. Large scale heating, ventilation and air conditioning installations
    7. Structural steelwork
    8. Building and civil engineering work in connection with the above
    2.3 Electrical engineering
    1. Transmission cabling and supports
    2. Installations in connection with engineering construction
    3. Switchgear and transformers
    4. High voltage power transmission
    5. Medium and low-voltage power transmission
    6. Lighting and power installation
    7. Instrumentation
    8. Space heating
    9. Fire detection
    10. Communication installations
    11. Building and civil engineering work in connection with the above