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Requirements for Practical Experience for Architects

Architectural Candidates are required to obtain 138 value units for every 12-month period of post-graduate practical training. Category C to F set out below will further elaborate to the Architectural candidate where points can and must be obtained and the number of points required to fulfil the above mentioned value and to qualify for the APC.

An additional 36 value points must be acquired during any part of the training period either by attending educational sessions or by submitting a TUTORIAL on any of the areas listed in either category A & B.

A further additional 34 points for every 12-month period must be acquired in any of the sections at the discretion of the candidate.

One value unit is either

    1. one hour of relevant experience, or
    2. attendance of a two-hour educational session.*

Two value units can be obtained by attending of half-day educational session. Three value units can be obtained by attending of a full day educational session.

A maximum of 40 value units may be obtained by attending educational sessions.

The required minimum value units to be obtained in each of the various sections of the syllabus is stipulated below. A total of 174 value units must be obtained for every 12 month in-training period plus the 36 value units for Category A & B.

* An educational session is a formally structured lecture, seminar, workshop, conference, congress or colloquium, approved by the Council for the purpose of this document.